【Event】Founder GlobalTech acclaimed product display at Wedding Expo

Editor: Yin 10June 2015


Many of my friends are planning a wedding this year, my also friend got me to show help ideas at Wedding Expo, When I just visit different booth, I can’t believe that I found Founder GlobalTech also set up a booth on Wedding Expo, In my memory, Founder GlobalTech is a high-end technology companies, why would we found them at Wedding Expo?

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From afar we have already seen a pair of eye-catching paintings, and then for a look at the top deco, fully understand, Founder GlobalTech offers free on-site photo printing at wedding exhibition.


Free on-site photo printing sound like very easy, but practical experience is eye-opener, saw the photographer just take a photo to the couple , without pull out the SD card, the photo already being transmitted to a computer with Wi-Fi, and there are no cable between computer and Printer, they all use it WI-FI, after are couple second, a photo has been printed, I have asked asked employees, start with the photographer press the shutter to successfully printed, only it takes about 32 seconds, the process of this solution will also create one more back up on computer

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All the product display, the most attractive, of course, is the PhaseOne, the medium format camera, I heard on June 16 will having are XF Camera System experience day in Hong Kong, it will display up to 80 million pixel of the IQ3 system camera back,

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And another attraction, must be the photo printer, since the Founder Global obtain exclusive rights of HITI photo printer, There are really great response of this brand , HITI photo printer uses dye-sublimation printing technology, whether photo quality, the texture can also chase on photo shop, and the presence of three models Available P520L, P720L and P910L provides stunning experience. P910L provides 8R high-quality output, P520L can succeed in about 12 seconds to print a 4R photo and having WIFI transmission function, not only computers, mobile and tablet can be also used, P720L provides the highest quality of 4R photo printing, printing process is just 7 seconds.

In fact, I just found that most PhotoBooth or on site photo printing is using HITI photo printer, as you are also interested, according to the following buttons, make an appointment to watch the physical details, or call 26114166 inquiries

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