Apollo Personal Cloud – A SAFER WAY TO SHARE AND SAVE

作者: Promise Technology 19 四月 2016

Managing the photos and videos on your phones, tablets and laptops is increasingly complicated. As technology evolves, files increase in size and number. With Apollo, you can store and share these memories both safely and privately.


Small device. Huge capacity. Bigger savings.

Safely store up to 4 terabytes, (available to all members) with no recurring fees. You own the hardware so there are no privacy concerns, no fees or changing contract terms.

Quick access to your content from anywhere

Apollo’s mobile app offers fast access and smooth playback of music, videos and other media content via Internet access.You can even set up the app to automatically upload video and image files as soon as they are saved on your smart phone or tablet.


Total control over your files

Unlike other storage solutions, each user has control over their personal files. Invited members can also get their own storage space within the Cloud with the same ability to share content. In other words, individual users decide what to share, and with whom they share it.

Easy to set up and use, from virtually anywhere

You don’t need to mess with several apps or hook up a computer to manage Apollo. Connect and power up, and begin using it almost instantly, from anywhere as long as the Apollo and your mobile device are able to connect to the Internet.


Private, safe and secure files

Apollo provides peace of mind, knowing that all data is off the web and safe and secure on your own personal cloud, with all transactions encrypted.All of your family’s content is safely secured in your Apollo. Thanks to advanced encryption, your important documents, music, movies, images and personal data is safe for years to come.

Go ahead – be social!

Apollo enables members of your own cloud to comment on and discuss shared content like videos and photos within an entirely private and secure environment.


Quiet, elegant, yet robust design

The sleek, yet sturdy Apollo form factor easily fits on a shelf, desktop, or media cabinet. Apollo operates very quietly and features a single LED for system monitoring.



HDD capacity 4TB
Internal HDD 3.5” SATA6G HDD X 1
External Backup/Restore Port 1 x USB 3.0 port
Dimensions 143x190x61 mm / 5.6×7.5×2.4 inches
Weight 1.2 kg / 2.64 lbs (including HDD)
LAN 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
AC Input Voltage 100V to 240V
Power Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Operating Temperature 5°C to 35°C (40°F to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -10°C to 70°C (15°F to 155°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%RH
Altitude Same as HDD
Power Consumption 16W (operation),

3.5W (Standby-HDD spin down)
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty

Apollo Questions

The Apollo is a dynamic new product, that will change the way you store and share your precious electronic memories and important files. If you aren’t familiar with data storage or a private cloud, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for right here!

What is Personal Cloud Storage?

Personal Cloud Storage devices typically allow you to store files on them and access through the internet. Some devices allow sharing with guests. What makes it this product so unique, is unlike other cloud options, you physically possess the storage device.

Can all members upload videos from their phones or tablets? Can everyone see what is uploaded?

Each member can enable auto-upload of their latest videos/photos from any and all their phones and tablets to their own Apollo accounts – with complete privacy. They can then choose to share selected content to others.

Where can I buy or experience Apollo?
  • The Apollo App will be downloadable from Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  • Apollo can be Priority Pre-Order at FounderGlobaltech website(Hong Kong Authorized dealer import )

What does Apollo come with?

The standard package includes:

  • Apollo unit
  • DC power adapter with power cord
  • International plug kit
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide
What can I do with Apollo that I can’t do with other Cloud accounts
  • Apollo is as convenient and easy to store, access and share as your Cloud accounts, but without the limitations, costs and with much more privacy
  • You get huge capacity – 4TB – with no recurring fees.
  • There are no limits on sizes, resolutions or length of files you can store and share.
  • Each member can selectively share content privately with specific members of your circle, or the public.
  • You have much more privacy since your data is stored ONLY on your Apollo unit and not scattered across multiple locations on the web.
  • All data moved through the web are encrypted as well.
How many people can share an Apollo?

An Apollo unit can be shared between up to 9 members total within your circle. Members can share selected content to an unlimited number of public guests.

How much does Apollo cost?

We will be announcing competitive pricing soon, along with availability.

What do I need to start using Apollo?

You need a router with internet access, wall power and the Apollo App downloaded to your web-enabled mobile phone/tablet/laptop. Once you plug Apollo into the router and wall power, it should self-discover and get set for your use within a couple of minutes. The QuickStartGuide will guide you through the process.

Why should I buy Apollo vs. other Personal Cloud Storage solutions?
  • Apollo is Personal Cloud Storage for you AND your private circle.
  • Unlike other solutions, Apollo is designed for easy storing and sharing within your family or group while offering full privacy for each member.
  • Each member can decided what to share, and with whom!
  • The Apollo App allows you and your circle to store and share from anywhere through a smartphone or tablet, without downloading separate software, the use of a computer or a complicated setup.
  • The Apollo App is easy and intuitive for use by a wide range of ages and technical abilities – you won’t need an IT expert or a PhD to use it.
Is Apollo good for backup storage?

While Apollo can be used to conveniently backup and share content from your phones, tablets and computers, it is still a good idea to backup your Apollo to a separate USB hard drive. an unlimited number of public guests.

What type of support is included?
  • Apollo comes with a 2 year limited warranty on the hardware and 90 days of free Tech Support.
  • You can purchase optional extensions and additional services
Am I restricted to only certain devices and operating systems?

Not really. Apollo can be used with OS X, and Windows on your computers and iOS or Android on your smartphones and tablets.

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