[New Products] Founder GlobalTech limited launched a one-stop solution for professional photographers

Author: Gary 8 May 2015


Nowadays, wedding or event photo shooting are the most popular job on the photography world. On the wedding ceremony, photography needs to control the emotion of the newly wed couple to taking are great photo. But only taking great photo is not enough at this time, from back up to photo printing, there are lots of troubles.

Founder GlobalTech limited on June 5 to 7 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1 wedding service Expo, will have a booth at E32, show a new one-stop solution for professional photographers, from transmission, to a backup, or even photo printer! At the Wedding Expo, Founder GlobalTech limited also provide a free photo printing service! The solution starting from pressing the shutter, 32 seconds will be able to print out, including the transmission with backup! And here I will test the one stop solution with the professional photography Peter.


When you need to print out photo or a backup, often need to drawn out the memory card, but it’s easy to damaged the valuable memory card with all photo at the wedding. But Founder GlobalTech provide the wireless Transmitter, when the photographers press the shutter, a photo will be automatically transferred into the computer to not only convenient, but also making one more backup!



After wedding ceremony, there are lot of photo and video the photography need to make some post-production at the studio. Making a back up is the best choice to protect the data. But the data always more than 10Gb, and the USB port is too slow for making are fast backup at the wedding ceremony. So lot of photography want to having is portable, ultra fast hard disk.

Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition PalmRaid

Founder Global provide AKiTiO product – Plam Raid, uses two 256GB of SSD Raid 0 making a total of 512GB hard drive with thunderbolt output, that extreme fast!
The new product Thunder Go provides a Thunderbolt, USB dual interface, if you are using Mac and also PC, you must need it!

Photo Printing

SCS 1101

The most popular spot of the wedding – photo printing ,HITI P520L Photo Printer can be using only 12 seconds to print out. The dye-sublimation printing technology, whether photo quality and texture are very beautiful. And also having the WIFI printing, our professional photography Peter also bought one.


Founder GlobalTech limited launched a one-stop solution, the professional photographers must need it, but this solution is too professional for the elementary-users, the elementary-users can choose only buy a part but not the hold solution, Interested friends can press the following buttons to learn more or make an appointment to demo, and you can also go to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1 wedding service Expo, booth E32 at June 5 to 7 to enjoy the free photo printing service.


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